Radical Visuals


Here you will find links to my page of radical images and my page of original art/anti-art. You will find agitprop, devotional, historic, weird, autobiographical, dadaist and surrealist inspired, and sometimes funny images that tell my story and the story of Radical Response. We have yet to transcend art as and make the living of life itself artistic practice. Art and images are commodified and weapons of the spectacle more often than not. But with the technology at hand which has democratized the process of creating art, guided by emotional, intellectual and spiritual notions about transforming consciousness (my own and maybe others) through creating or propagating images with meaning and with the context provided by the rest of this blog, I feel that in sharing these images, which are not for sale and not promoting any form of capitalist commerce , I can have yet another avenue through which to possibly connect with others on some common ground where we can then begin to discuss changing the world.

Art/Anti-Art: https://radicalresponse.org/radical-images/artanti-art/
Radical Images: https://radicalresponse.org/radical-images/

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