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“The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways, the point however, is to change it.”
– Karl Marx

“Humans create meaning by interacting with their natural and social environment, by networking their neural networks with the networks of nature and with social networks…If such networks can be used for communication as a process of sharing meaning through the exchange of information, then the process of socialized communication can be a source of social production of meaning…”
-Manuel Castells

The purpose of this blog is to change the world by contributing my voice to the social production of meaning, through promoting new notions of what democracy should be, new ideas regarding social change, new perspectives regarding the need for both inner and outer revolution and how Buddhism might play a key a role in that process as much of the libertarian leftist tradition plays, and contributing to new attitudes about “mental illness” and addiction. Radical Response seeks to connect/contribute to true human social networks, to use the internet as a democratic space where free expression, thoughtful, participatory communication can take place, and to establish a forum where the radically democratic notions of change and where my personal journey can be recorded. My goals are to:
-promote change in political & spiritual consciousness
-promote the use of the internet as a means & end for free democratic expression of my political, spiritual, & aesthetic views
-connect with others with whom I can create new relationships based on any common ground we might find & to use that common ground to build networks of resistance to the prevailing system
-engage with others who may contribute to my own personal development where I may change, or further elaborate or develop my views
-claim a space in the world for my voice to be heard where I can renounce passivity & become an active participant in the debates over the course of change in the world
-no longer be a spectator & isolated, marginalized object of power but attempt to be an active agent in changing my own life & the world; I hope to rediscover & develop my own subjectivity
-use the internet not to narcissistically build my ego through collecting “friends” for whom I post a record of my daily activities however banal or boring or for whom I post countless pictures of myself, things I eat & drink, or cute affirmations or amusing odd news stories, but to use the internet as a political weapon, a spiritual weapon, a new commons where a new civil society may take root, where new modes of politics may grow

“So long as tyranny exists, in whatever form, man’s deepest aspiration must resist it as inevitably as man must breathe.”
― Emma Goldman

This blog grew out of my personal need to create meaning in a world drowning in meaninglessness – out of my need to find my own voice, my own response to what I’ve lived through, learned, & am confronted with every day. It grew out of my refusal to obediently play the roles society assigns me, passively reveling in the ironic cynicism so fashionable among self-proclaimed radicals who seem to have no desire to develop either coherent critiques of the system or organizations that may challenge the system. My reason for creating it is fundamentally what should be the thrust of any radical theory – to develop a theory & practice that serves to criticize & find ways to bridge, the huge gap between what is & what might be, in the world & in one’s daily life. As social beings, humans thrive when involved with others with whom they get along, share common ground, or share mutual interests. I desperately hope to use this blog to find others who may find what I post or write about of value so that social networking can serve a deeper purpose.
When a socio-political-economic system fails to provide the basic necessities of life for the vast majority of human beings & threatens to destroy the planet on which we depend on for our very existence; when such a system only serves to benefit the very few, controlling production, distribution, consumption, credit, & has extended control of the economy to political & social control, even extending its reach into our individual inner lives so effectively that the majority are unconscious of their oppression, believe that no other world is possible, retreat towards fundamentalist theism, or are so apathetic & cynical that they willingly sell their lives & talents for a better chance at getting the ruling elite’s table scraps – any response short of a radical response only aids the system in maintaining its façade of democracy, & will inevitably lead to the dead-ends of mere reformism & single-issue politics as the system has shown again & again its near supernatural ability to co-opt, corrupt, commodify, or otherwise subvert any challenges that remain partial & limited. A totalizing system must necessarily be totally negated by means of a total critique that can serve as a starting point for finding & developing a radical theory & practice that will aid in negating the old & constructing the new. The global dictatorship of the capitalist class (labelled the 1%, but really composed of the wealthiest 10% of the population) has recently proven yet again that its crises & wars are not aberrations – they are inherent to the capitalist mode of production. The earth & the human race are on the edge of the abyss, a point of no return. The obvious failure of the world capitalist system to provide for even the most basic physical, emotional, psychological, & spiritual needs of 90-99% of the population, its inherent injustice, cruelty, exploitation, lack of respect for human rights & dignity, the unhappiness, misery, apathy, anger, greed, & ignorance that the system perpetuates, & the continued destruction of the environment & savage treatment of other species are monumental problems – problems that cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them nor be ameliorated by political leaders who obviously work for the interests of those that own the corporations that own the world & fund their campaigns. The system doesn’t have problems – the system *is* the problem.
A radical response is the only sane, practical, humane, compassionate, destructive, constructive, response to the hegemony of the ruling class. The system must be pulled up by the roots like a rotten weed & thrown on the compost heap of history. But the political can never be separated from the personal. A radical response to the ingrained behaviors, thought-patterns, assumptions, & beliefs that we each have soaked up & more often than not, use as our mental autopilot is vital if we wish to change the system. There are many obstacles to overcome both internally & externally, but merely to awaken to the fact that there IS a struggle, & that it IS worth undertaking, is already a radical act. Sometimes we must fight for less than total change given the uneven development of capitalism & political consciousness, but we must always strive for truly radical change. Demanding & using some small part of cyberspace in order to pronounce the system an utter failure, determining it’s time to move on, nourishing the seeds of a new world right now in deed & thought, demanding a restoration & recognition of my humanity & value in a world that only recognizes capital, profits, brute force, & expects obedience from most all of us – voicing such views & demands, desperately hoping my voice will reach others & anxiously awaiting for them to raise their voices as well & demand their human rights, declare their value as human beings, & finally disavow any notions that the system should be salvaged, is the reason this blog exists.

In the end, the goal is to build a virtual network of resistance that can link up with concrete networks of resistance to build a new revolutionary organization, the following addendum could serve as a guide to such an organization…

Addendum: Minimum Definition of
Revolutionary Organizations

Since the only purpose of a revolutionary organization is the abolition of all existing classes in a way that does not bring about a new division of society, we consider an organization to be revolutionary if it consistently and effectively works toward the international realization of the absolute power of the workers councils, as prefigured in the experience of the proletarian revolutions of this century.

Such an organization makes an integral critique of the world, or is nothing. By integral critique we mean a comprehensive critique of all geographical areas where various forms of separate socioeconomic powers exist, as well as a comprehensive critique of all aspects of life.

Such an organization sees the beginning and end of its program in the complete decolonization of everyday life. It thus aims not at the masses’ self-management of the existing world, but at its uninterrupted transformation. It embodies the radical critique of political economy, the supersession of the commodity system and of wage labor.

Such an organization refuses to reproduce within itself any of the hierarchical conditions of the dominant world. The only limit to participating in its total democracy is that each member must have recognized and appropriated the coherence of its critique. This coherence must be both in the critical theory as such and in the relation between this theory and practical activity. The organization radically criticizes every ideology as separate power of ideas and as ideas of separate power. It is thus at the same time the negation of any remnants of religion, and of the prevailing social spectacle which, from news media to mass culture, monopolizes communication between people around their unilateral reception of images of their alienated activity. The organization dissolves any “revolutionary ideology,” unmasking it as a sign of the failure of the revolutionary project, as the private property of new specialists of power, as one more fraudulent representation setting itself above real proletarianized life.

Since the ultimate criterion of the modern revolutionary organization is its comprehensiveness, such an organization is ultimately a critique of politics. It must explicitly aim to dissolve itself as a separate organization at its moment of victory.

July 1966

from the Situationist International Anthology


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