Why a Radical Response…

When we live in a world ruled by a tiny minority whose sole concern is controlling & increasing vast amounts of wealth at the expense of the majority of humanity, & who will undertake any measures no matter how criminal in order to maintain their near total power, the only rational, ethical response must be a radical response. The system cannot be reformed or made kinder & gentler – history has shown time & again that no ruling class ever willingly gives up its position of authority. The system also cannot be combatted in a piece-meal fashion, focussing on single issues or limited to local struggles. A totalitarian system can only be fought totally with a radical praxis that seeks to develop a totally new world. This blog seeks to communicate the radical response of one person hoping to connect with others who share similar views in order to build a network of resistance both virtual & ultimately concrete.

2 thoughts on “Why a Radical Response…

  1. ”There is a human activity that has society itself for its object. The aim of this activity is not simply to eliminate one or another abuse, for it regards such abuses as necessarily connected with the way in which the social structure is organized. Although it itself emerges from the social structure, its purpose is not, either in its conscious intention, or in its objective significance, the better functioning of any element in the structure. On the contrary, it is suspicious of the very categories of better, useful, appropriate, productive, and valuable, as these are understood in the present order.” ( Max Horkheimer )


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