Proven Wrong About Many of Its Assertions, Is Psychiatry Bullsh*t?

As someone diagnosed with bi-polar and other personality disorders and who for a decade and a half has been fed a steady, always changing stream of literally dozens of psyche meds, with little positive results and numerous side-effects, I hope this article helps demystify the authority of the men with white coats with fancy degrees, whose treatment goals are usually centered around making one’s unique neurology and emotional responses something to be eliminated, labelling any responses to the insanity of the world that don’t fit the so-called norm, itself insanity – an illness to be cured… patients are victimized by therapists, psychiatrists, and the always for profit pharma industry, which has a vested interest in drugging as many people as possible, other potential “treatments” be damned… all in order to re-integrate the patient into society, as a well-behaved, sedated, “happy” worker, who must now pay the pharma companies for meds for the rest of thier life, for the crime of being different, of having different emotional responses, of having ways of thinking that aren’t considred “normal”… Long Live neurological diversity! Fuck “normal”!
Some psychiatrists view the chemical-imbalance theory as a well-meaning lie.

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