The American Election… (POST SCRIPT: For Those of Us Who ALSO Seek Change Outside the System… Think About Joining the IOPS…)

The International Organization for a Participatory Society adheres to the ideals held here at Radical Response. Since in the last post I pushed for people to take part in the political process, and actually vote, going against the time-honored principle of political  abstention held by many on the anti-authoritarian left,  in spite of said participation having limited (from a revolutionary point of view) results, and in spite of it being a tacit approval of state power,  I DID want to also state that I DO believe in working outside the system as well (never limit oneself when it comes to strategy and tactics!), and that such work is where the truly revolutionary change is born. I am a member of the IOPS and thought I’d include here the organization’s statement to prospective members…

Please check out their website to get more information about their core beliefs and principles (which happen to coincide with much of mine, if you bother to check out


Why become a member?

Another world is possible, but only if enough people believe in it and join forces to realize it. And the need for change is urgent. Millions of people are suffering now. Natural resources are being wasted and exhausted. The emission of greenhouse gases is accelerating and seems unstoppable. Governments everywhere are increasing surveillance and other means of controlling the population. Many problems facing humanity are urgent and must be addressed, requiring concerted action at all scales, from local to global.
If we all keep waiting, this is not going to happen. Not now, and not ever. And what are we waiting for? As civil-rights activist John Lewis, one of the original thirteen “Freedom Riders” who fought to end racial segregation in public transportation in the Southern US said in May 1961: If not us, then who? If not now, then when?
What he and the other Freedom Riders wanted to achieve seemed an impossible dream at the time. But in the end, they succeeded. What we hope to achieve may seem even more impossible. But we believe that in the end we will get there. And if not, we will at least have tried.
We do not want to wait. We want to start realizing our vision now. But that is only possible if many people join in. We aim for a classless world in which everyone, people of all colours and all genders and all ages, can contribute to and enjoy the fruits of a just and peaceful society, a society that respects human rights and that values education, science, art and culture. We believe that everyone who agrees with the vision of an equitable and sustainable world can contribute to make this vision come true.
By becoming a member of IOPS you can:
  • get into contact with others who also want to work on creating another world, in your location or your field of work or interest;
  • discuss the vision of a better world in more detail with others, as well as the strategies and tactics for getting there;
  • share resources with others;
  • hear from others what they are doing, and tell others about your own efforts, so that we can learn from each other’s experiences and insights;
  • and in general, be part of a mutually supportive network.
We cherish diversity. But the sad fact is that currently white, English-speaking males are overrepresented in our membership. All other groups are underrepresented. But we need to hear their voices too! So if you are a member of an underrepresented group – a working stiff, or queer, or more comfortable speaking Swahili than English, we really need your ideas and opinions; consider that an extra reason to join IOPS.

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