Still Looking for Contributors! Join with Me in Responding to the Evils of the System!

For a Free World!
For a Free World!


If you have read the About This Blog, About the Author, and Basic Principles, a “Utopian” Vision pages, and are in agreement with my goals, feel yourself to be a kindred spirit, agree with at minimum, MOST of my core political principles, AND feel your voice could be a valuable addition in this project to create a network of resistance and serve as a radical response to the capitalist system’s hegemonic domination of both the concrete world of economic/social/cultural relations and the inner emotional/spiritual/psychological worlds of the mass of people on this planet and you feel strongly that both inner and outer revolutions are required to end such domination with the ultimate goal being the creation of a new world, then I beg you to take action and help me build this blog into a forum for the ruthless criticism of the system we live under, a forum where we can practice revolutionary democracy by no longer just being passive objects of the system but where we can re-claim our subjectivity and turn it into a virtual liberated zone, with the ultimate goal of networking with real networks of reistance.

Start by thinking about the gap between what is and what could be. Don’t let your urge to rebel be commodified. Don’t limit yourself to reformist, single-issue or identity plitics. Struggle against your alienation. Fight your greed to consume and own. Use your anger and direct it at the proper targets. Think critically. Question everything. Re-discover your natural empathy and compassion for others.Then write or create art or music or movies. Dream. Unleash your imaginations. Change your consciousness in the process. We needn’t be marginalized or isolated as long as we have the internet, cell phones, and the determination to get rid of that constant nagging sense that there should be much more to life than school, work, marriage, kids, taxes, and death, by re-discovering rebellion, by seeing reality differently and as malleable, by re-discovering what your true needs and desires are (not those pushed on you by the market), by getting rid of your psychological shackles, your defeatist cynicism, your taught selfishnes, the belief that you are your ego, perhaps your system-friendly post-modern pose, your faith in things magically getting better, your faith in politics as usual, perhaps your lingering faith in God, and your belief that all of us together need the rulers while really they need us – and lastly, the ingrained ideology of the system that tells you how to act, how to live, how to play socially acceptable roles, how to speak, how and what to think, how to succeed, how to procreate, how to produce, how to consume, how to worship, how to play, how to relate to others. They lay down the rule that you should never, ever question the way things are in any kind of a fundamental way. I look forward to hearing from you, whoever, and wherever you are if you believe that radical change is necessary for human and planetary survival.

As long as you’re
contact me at: or leave a comment

PS: If I haven’t already mentioned it, contributions can be editorials, essays, rants, fiction, poetry, music, or videos. As long as you’re in general agreement with my goals and principles. You don’t have to agree with me on every point, and I welcome fresh points of view, but you must be against the capitalist system and for a new participatory, directly democratic society, economy, and political system.

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