What is Partido X? The first step towards the direct democratic control of the economy, politics, LIFE!

What is | Partido X..

Citizens’ Network X Party, the Political Party of the Future

X stands for an unknown variable. It represents the individual or group of individuals working to fully change the current political party concept in a way so that a true democracy can be established. Will any party do it? No? Then X represents the people, a citizens’ network that uproots them
from their seats.

It is a successful citizens’ network because it carries out a program to establish a real democracy that allows people to protect their own interests.

Citizens’ Network X Party enters into the Parliament, opens its doors and directly returns the power of sovereignty to the people through the implementation of its entire program: Just Democracy.

From here on, everyone has the possibility to improve and vote the laws that directly affect them, as well as to propose new laws either by Popular Legislative Initiatives or by binding referendums.

Laws are made online or through permanently available spaces in public institutions (post offices, town halls, etc.), in plain sight. Everyone can contribute, without necessarily being a multinational corporation, like the city of Porto Alegre has been doing since 2003; or in Iceland
and their Wikiconstitution, recently in 2011.

Thus, the political elite, as it was known in the old regime, disappears and is replaced by elected public employees who compile and implement the solutions created by the expert knowledge of society in the most effective way possible.

Here, in the future, we are doing really well. Life is very much worth living, as it is very pleasant. Work is well-balanced and evenly-distributed because we eliminated redundant and unnecessary costs like the money used to support the “pathologically” rich people. We have a home, our future citizens receive
modern and adequate education and they are healthy. We got rid of the problems that dragged down past generations’ progress, we use our skills and interests in a collaborative way, generating sustainable development, which constantly increases general welfare in an unstoppable way.

The Future is here and it looks pretty good.

This is because there is no better future than a good present.


X Party‘s ideology is common sense.As the title suggests, the X Party’s agendacontains only one item:Just Democracy (Citizen Legislative Power – Wikilegislation, Government under citizen control – Wikigovernment, Binding and mandatory referendums, Real and permanent right to vote and Transparency in public management).

When Just Democracy is achieved, all other measures will be implemented through its four mechanisms, becoming beneficial for the whole society.

Spokepeople and representatives become totally obsolete in the future, because people do their best, in cooperation with others and according to their abilities and possibilities.
Nobody makes statements about subjects they don’t know about, but everyone can learn about all topics. We trust those working on a specific topic because they don’t act behind our backs, we can monitor their sources and proposals at any moment with full transparency.

A new method has been created by organised citizens in order to win over the space held by traditional political parties and establish a real democracy. This is Citizens’ Network X Party. Here you can find out how it works and what it consists of.


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