Freely, creatively laboring with our environment is the human essence…


This is just a rant about alienated labor. Forgive the quality. Early cave-painting from France. Evidence that human nature  contains the drive to objectify one’s subjective world of individual experiences in order to affirm that one matters and that one seeks the recognition of fellow humans. Under the rule of capital, all labor is commodifed, hence unfree, and the purpose of labor is to create profits for those who do not labor but who own the means of production, and what is created is determined by the needs of the market, not the needs of those who labor. Thus all labor under capitalism is alienating and the products of alienated labor substitute  formerly human social relations with the social relations of things. I can no longer create a thing as an expression of apart of my subjective world and present it to other people affirming my value and practicing the most basic human activity. Now I create a part on a machine to be sold by my boss to people I’ll never meet or interact with all while doing this for reasons not determined by me and in order to create commodities that are alien to me, that have nothing to do with fulfilling my basic human needs. I am degraded where I should be joyous. I create crap that says nothing about my inner world, and those who consume it relate only to the commodity – they relate to the illusions & appearances that the commodity is obscured by. We start with the real social relations of humans acting on their environment and objectifying part of their inner world driven by the need to be acknowledged by their fellow humans and end up with with those social relations being mediated by appearances/images associated with the consumption of commodities. Capital accumulates to the point that an ever increasing portion is fictitious both for the purposes of economic activitiy and for the ideological purpose of creating false needs that the endless stream of ever useless commodities claim to fulfill while at the same time these same commodities promise to fulfill spiritual and existential yearnings, the realm that religion once ruled. Modern Christianity with its “properity gospel”, claiming that God and the bible promise economic security and abundant wealth, has recognized that the cult of consumerism has advanced into their territory and tries hard to regain lost ground. Human social relations are mediated and mystified and destroyed by  commodity production.  and alienated consumption, all mystified by the spectacle, the transformation of human social relations into social relations mediated by images, appearances, the symbolic importance associated with the consumption of commodities.

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