Why Class Struggle Needs To Be Central to Any Radical Change (the system is criminally obscene…)

From David Harvey’s new book Seventeen Contradictions & the End of Capitalism… “The top 100 billionaires in the world… added $240 billion to their coffers in 2012 alone… enough, calculates Oxfam, to end world poverty overnight…”. Chew on that for a while. Expropriating just one year’s profits from just 100 individuals, would END the abject misery & poverty of billions of human beings (2 billion people live on ~$2 a day & billions more struggle to attain the most basic of human necessities, more often than not, failing). How can anyone with a conscience & the slightest modicum of intelligence & empathy, possibly claim that this world ruled by a tiny elite following the dictates of capitalist economic imperatives is the best of all possible worlds? How much worse must things get before people see the huge chasm between the way things could be compared to how they actually are? The system is beyond repair. A new world must be fought for & created before we become extinct.

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